Demonetized? 🤑 How to Make Money on Youtube WITHOUT Youtube Partner Monetization Adsense

I do now have youtube partner monetization (adsense), but before that I was already making money on youtube. In this video, I show you a few different ways to make money with youtube even if you are demonetized or haven’t quite reach the requirements to become a youtube partner.

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Youtube Monetization Progress – What I Earned in October 2020

Update on my youtube channel progress for October 2020, I have
7850 subscribers, getting 66,900+ views/mo with 350+ subscribers/mo, and currently earning 0/month. This is my highest earning month thus far!

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Feb 2021- My Youtube Monetization Earnings Progress

My youtube monetization earnings (for Feb 2021) are back to normal like before the Big Drop in December 2020. I learned that only 5.5% of my subscribers view my videos, I think this is typical for tutorial channels. What % of your subscribers view your videos and what is your channel niche? Please share […]

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