Easy Product Creation Ideas In 2015 + Leon's WSO WarriorPlus Launch Tutorial

Hello Everyone!

My Name is Leon Tran, and I've been selling WSO ebooks for a little bit over a year now.

As of today, I've gotten over 10,000+ WSO sales, 2,304 warrior followers, and have been awarded the prestigious WSO Of The Day 2 times already.
Here's my WarriorPlus profile page:

Needless to say, I would NEVER EVER launch a WSO product without using WarriorPlus!

Creating your own products and then launching it may seem like a monumental task. Indeed, it can be, if you're doing it blindly without any help.

I've put together this quick tutorial package just for you guys...


The 2015 Product Creation Made Easy Guide


Leon's WSO WarriorPlus Launch Tutorial
(33 Minute Video)

If you're looking to launch a WSO at the WarriorForum, then you definitely need to use WarriorPlus. It can be complicated to use and so I've created a quick video tutorial to guide you through the WarriorPlus product setup.

I even explain my personal strategies and the basis of setting up your sales funnel and how it all works in raking in more cash for you!

I just want to shed some light on how it all really works.

You have literally nothing to lose..
you're getting this entire package for free!


-Leon Tran
(An Internet Marketer since 2005)

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