Rich Marketers Vs. Poor Marketers

The Guide

With This Guide, You Will Discover How Marketing Professionals (Rich Marketers) Succeed on the Internet

One of the major premises in this book is to improve your mindset and remove any inferiority thoughts so you can progress with confidence. It then gives you the knowledge and the know-how to succeed in marketing your business online by developing an effective niche and then implementing strategies that work.

With that in mind, we want you to understand that Rich Marketers vs Poor Marketers is not just a book discussing marketing on the Web.  It is much, much more, focusing on specific methods, tips and strategies to not only create your own unique niche, but to monopolize on that niche by reaching the right people.

What You Will Learn:

The rich marketer poor marketer concept

When a niche is not a niche in marketing

The building a unique niche approach in business

Social networking and niche marketing

Facebook marketing while mixing business with social activities

Twitter marketing by tweeting for business

LinkedIn marketing by building a strong online presence

Ten secrets of rich marketers hidden from their poor competition

And much, much more

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