BEWARE! FLIPPA Scams - My FLIPPA Review + Website Appraisal Service!

In my Flippa review video, I’ll show you several Flippa scams websites being sold. There are a LOT of suspicious scam-looking websites for sale at Flippa. You have to be very careful when buying any websites on Flippa nowadays.

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Some general tips on buying websites on Flippa or at other marketplaces:
1) Avoid outrageous claims. An automated website making 00/mo being auctioned for peanuts is a big red flag!

2) Sites that are brand new with huge income claims.
3) Suspicious traffic and income stats

If you have to question a lot of things and the seller is not upfront about them, something is not right. Walk away from this future headache.

Again, save yourself the time, use my appraisal service and I’ll sniff out anything scammy and warn your about the domain or website you are interested in buying.

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